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80% of your callers hang up when they are sent to voicemail.

For $79/month, we answer your small business phone, transfer calls to you when your available, and take messages when you are not.

Because Voicemail Sucks! Stop Hurting Your Small Business.

Four Important Facts You Need to Know About Answering Services

  • With the rapid growth of cell phones and voicemail, the answering service industry shrunk 90% since the early nineties, having a dramatic impact on service levels in the remaining companies as they reduced investment in technology and staffing.
  • Most of the remaining virtual answering service companies have built their systems on top of the public telephone network which will be completely replaced by VOIP (voice over internet protocol) by 2018.
  • All virtual answering service companies (except us) have a "minutes" model, trying to maximize their minutes with no incentive to keep your costs low.
  • Many answering services charge extra for transferring calls and sending messages via email or text.

Our phone answering service features no long term contracts and an unconditional money back guarantee! At $79/month, this is less than most of our customers spend on their cellular service.

The Only Virtual Receptionist Service Specifically Designed for Small Businesses.

If you are still letting your missed business calls go to voicemail, you may want to consider Main Virtual Office instead. In 2006, Fortune reported that 80% of callers that are sent to voicemail, hang up!

If these callers are potential new customers, can you really afford this? Main Virtual Office is a next generation small business answering service and mobile app, which is your affordable alternative to voicemail. For $79/month we provide basic answer and transfer and/or answer and messaging services so that you do lose any new business calls.
Our telephone answering service system allows our virtual receptionists to have a considerable amount of information about your small business immediately in front of them, including how to handle different call scenarios. With one click we can open up Google maps and give directions, provide callers with hours of operation and even tell them when you will be able to return calls so it sounds like our receptionists are actually there in your office, if you have one or like you do have an office if you don't!
We can also transfer calls with one click and you can decide if you want to take the call or if you want us to take a message. If you don't want the call or if you are not available our virtual receptionists can open a message screen with one click and messages are automatically sent via email or text message or both depending on your setup.
You can also access your messages, view your minutes used and update us on your availability to receive transferred calls from our customer web portal and/or mobile app.
For One FLAT FEE - $79/60 minutes/month OR $129/120 minutes/month we make sure that you do not miss any new business and we deal with all your telemarketing calls. There are NO OTHER FEES! Check our competitors - they charge for:
  • Setup
  • Transferring calls
  • Sending messages
  • Overage minutes


We will set you up and you can see for yourself the impact that our small business answering service has on your business - by capturing new business calls you might have lost to voicemail.

If you do your homework, you will find that we are the lowest price answering service in the market. If you are looking at someone priced lower than us..double check...they most certainly have additional fees.

Stop losing incoming new business calls TODAY! Call us at 866-580-2525 and we will have you setup the same day so that we start answering your calls.