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Phone Answering Service for Small Business

We Have a Different Business Model

Most telephone answering services have a business model that involves maximizing their call minutes. They will even charge for what is called "post processing time". Main Virtual Office has a different business model. In fact, we strive to minimize the amount of time our virtual receptionists spend on your calls, by handling those calls more efficiently. Every function that our virtual secretaries need to do – call transferring, messaging and calendar viewing involves only one click. This means we can offer you the cheapest answering service in the market. For the increasing number of small businesses, that realize they can no longer afford to depend on voice mail, price is an important factor. Because of our "efficient call handling system", we can offer small businesses, live professional phone answering for $79/month. And, we NEVER charge for post processing time.

If you are looking for the least expensive, cheapest answering service in the market, look no further, Main Virtual Office is by far the most cost effective answering service in the market.

We provide you with a local number for free or you can forward or port your number over to us at no charge. We can also offer you an 800 number for a small monthly charge.

Our target market is smallest of small businesses…companies with less than 5 employees, many of which are solopreneurs. We are in business to provide these companies with the most technologically advanced AND cheapest answering service in the market. We want to help these small companies escalate their businesses and as such, we become more like a partner with them, than a service provider. Since we can configure our system to achieve their objectives, we get familiar with their company when we configure their account and we train each receptionist on each new account.

Whether it's a professional photographer that doesn't want to lose the one or two $20,000 commercial shoots that call a month or a realtor running an open house, Main Virtual office can configure your account so that our virtual receptionist can identify and capture the right information for that $20,000 commercial shoot or have directions at their fingertips for that open house.

Most of our customers are surprised at how much functionality they get considering that we are the cheapest answering service in the market. With Fortune reporting that more than 80% of callers hang up when they sent to voicemail, can you really afford NOT be having Main Virtual Office answer your phones.