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Live Receptionist

One of our live receptionists at Main Virtual Office!

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Our virtual live receptionists are hand selected by the founders and go through extensive training before they are assigned any customers. They start off fielding overflow calls for our other virtual receptionists. As their phone answering skills increase, our professional receptionists move through three skill levels.

We have configured our cloud-based system so that if your dedicated professional receptionist is not available, the next available live receptionist with the highest skill level, handles your calls, ensuring that your customers calls are handled in the most professional possible. We have enabled this "optimization algorithm" which is based on experience within our cloud based live receptionist answering service solution.

Our live receptionists are personally selected by the founders and go through significant training before they are even allowed to begin answering calls. When they do begin answering calls, they do it as an overflow receptionist during peak times of call volumes. Once they have reached the first skill level, we assign our live receptionists a certain group of customers so that they can begin to become familiar with the companies they are answering the phone for.

Only a cloud based, scalable solution built on top of the new VOIP telephone network is capable of being configured to ensure your calls are always answered by the most capable virtual receptionist.

Most every other live receptionist service has built their platform on the 134 year old legacy circuit switch public telephone network. A third of all US customers have now been switched over to voice over Internet protocol or VOIP. The legacy public telephone system is planned to be completely converted by 2018. Why would you want to choose a live receptionist service built on top of old technology? Invest in your businesses future with a live receptionist service partner that will grow with you.