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Virtual Office Answering Services


Have Our Virtual Receptionist Answer Your Calls.

  • First Impressions Matter!
    Our virtual office answering service allows your small business to appear like you are more than one, or a couple of people deep in your company. First impressions are extremely important with potential new customers and you shouldn't be depending on voice mail when they call. Our virtual office services include a live receptionist answering all of your incoming calls and even identifying high value calls and labeling them as urgent based on your criteria when we set up your account.
  • No More Lost Opportunities!
    When you have our virtual office answering service, a live receptionist that immediately has an incredible amount of information about your business, answers your potential customer calls when they come in instead of sending them to voice mail and risking losing that opportunity forever. These potential customers will then feel "connected" to you, as opposed to leaving a voice mail, or worse yet, hanging up. Can you really afford not to use or virtual office services? At $79/month, if we capture one customer, that you might have missed, you have to ask yourself this question.
  • We Answer Your Phone, Screen Your Calls and Transfer Your Calls if You Are Available!
    Our Virtual Office Answering Services allow you to update us with your availability status over the phone, on the web and soon on your mobile devices. You can even sync your online calendar! Let us handle the telemarketers and identify your real customers and potential customers and transfer them to you. Our Virtual Office Services allow you to focus on your business, helping you save money, as well as present a more professional image.
  • View Your Messages Online or On Our Mobile App! Update Your Availability On the Web or On Your Phone! (Coming Soon!)
    Our new virtual office answering web and mobile app shows these messages at the top of your message queue when you login, so that you can access them immediately. The web and mobile app is a two way street, allowing you to login and change your availability status as well as view and manage your messages, much like email. This is the most advanced virtual office answering service technology in the market today!
  • Design Your Call Handling!
    Our Virtual Office Answering Service has the capability for you to give us "scenarios" so that we can handle your calls as effectively as possible. For example, if you are a lawyer, you may want us to have a different script and capture different information for calls that come in from: the court, the jail, existing clients and new clients. Our virtual office service allows this to be configured when we setup your account! Or, you may have specific types of high ticket, potential customers that you want to respond to immediately so that you don't miss that high-ticket sale. We can identify these customers, based on your criteria, and get an urgent message to you.

What our customers are saying...

"Main Virtual Office has been instrumental in growing my real-estate brokerage company...Exactly what I needed to take my company to the next level!" Paul Diou, Real-estate Broker
"I am a one man band and Main Virtual Office helps my business appear larger then it is by doing our phone answering at a very affordable rate. I honestly don't know what I would do without them!" Randy Hagan, Internet Technology
"Main Virtual Office has taken the time to get to know my business and they know where I am headed. They are not just another answering service but have become an extension of my company!" Marnie Sicard, Consultant
"Main Virtual has made a big difference with the communication with my clients. When my clients call they have really gone out of their way to form a relationship with each one of them. It's a great answering service and saves my company thousands of dollars per month!" Rob Howard, Communications