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Small Business Telephone Answering

Small businesses, with less than 5 employees, have increased from less than 15 million in the early nineties to over 25 million today. Some are predicting that these small companies will comprise 50% of the US workforce or more than 70 million workers by 2020. This represents a huge transition that is occurring in the US workforce. With 80% of callers hanging up when they are sent to voicemail, small businesses that continue to depend on this technology are committing suicide. Small business telephone answering services, that are leveraging the new VOIP network, are emerging and have the potential to become a necessity for small businesses that want to remain competitive.

Small Business answering service has always had a bad reputation, and rightly so, as it requires a human interaction with, up until now, complex telecommunication systems. However, small business answering services are entering a new era, leveraging the power of the Internet to provide capabilities never possible with systems that are built on top of the 134-year-old legacy circuit-switch, public telephone network.

Main Virtual Office has specifically focused on live answering services for small businesses, by pursuing a business model that focuses on minimizing call-handling time through efficiency in our system. While most small business phone answering services try and maximize their amount of minutes, we do just the opposite. Our efficiency allows us to offer our small business answering service for less than our customers pay for their cellular service.

Main Virtual Office is leading the revolution in business phone answering services. We are not your father's phone answering service. Our virtual receptionists have a substantial amount of information immediately available to them when they receive telephone call for your small business. This allows us to seem like we are right in our customers small businesses when we are answering the phone for them.

The legacy public telephone circuit-switch system will be completely transitioned to the VOIP network by 2018. Answering services for small businesses will be come the norm as opposed to voice mail, when this transition is complete. This will be driven by the significant increase in competition in the small business marketplace and low cost of efficient call handling systems that are built on top of the new VOIP network like Main Virtual Office. Savvy small business owners already realize that live answering services for small businesses gives them an advantage by making them look ore professional and ensuring that they do not lose any potential customers. With small businesses predicted to comprise half the US workforce by 2020, small businesses that don't employ a business phone answering service will be at a significant disadvantage to their competitors.