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Virtual Receptionist

Our Live Virtual Receptionists are Hand Picked

The founders of Main Virtual Office personally interview and select each virtual receptionist. We consider our virtual live receptionists to be much like our cloud based answering service - optimized.

Our live virtual receptionists receive extensive training on call-handling techniques; customer care and our cloud based virtual receptionist service system. This training continues over the course of their employment with Main Virtual Office.

Our virtual office receptionists are all on-site, in our corporate headquarters in Portland, Maine. Interestingly enough, with companies like MBNA and LL Bean in the near vicinity, there is no shortage of experienced call center agents in Portland Maine. Even so we require extensive training before we let our live virtual receptionists start answering your phone.

The training they receive is focused on handling your calls as if they are in your office. When a call comes in for your business, our virtual office receptionists have a tremendous amount of critical information on a screen pop that appears on their computers including: a link to your synced calendar and a Google map of your location if someone is calling for directions. They can also see whether or not you are available to receive a call. Our virtual live receptionists can even select and send stored documents to your callers.

Our virtual receptionists service system can also be configured for multiple locations, with the ability to transfer calls to multiple members of your staff and to answer differently in multiple caller scenarios. For example, you may have a different answering script and want our live virtual receptionists to collect different information for a new sales call versus an existing customer service call.

receptionist servicesand our system is built on top of the new voice over Internet protocol or VOIP public phone system that will completely replace the 134 year old legacy circuit-switch public telephone system by 2018. More than 90% of other virtual answering service companies are using technology built on top of the old circuit-switch public telephone system. If you are going to invest in a virtual answering service partner to represent your business, you will want one that is using the most advanced available technology and that is Main Virtual Office.